Wedding & Tiered Cakes 

  1. Rustic Vintage
    Rustic Vintage
  2. Pink Carnations
    Pink Carnations
  3. Semi-Naked Wedding Cake
    Semi-Naked Wedding Cake
  4. Simple Blue
    Simple Blue
  5. Black/Teal Wedding
    Black/Teal Wedding
  6. Pink Teardrop Pearls
    Pink Teardrop Pearls
  7. Winter Wonderland Wedding
    Winter Wonderland Wedding
  8. Alice in Wonderland
    Scottish Themed
  9. Half/Half Wedding
    Half/Half Wedding
  10. Engagement Cake
    Engagement Cake
  11. Purple Rose Wedding
    Purple Rose Wedding
  12. Teal & Blue
    Teal & Blue
  13. Purple Lace
    Purple Lace
  14. Pink Open Rose
    Pink Open Rose
  15. Ruby Anniversary
    Ruby Anniversary
  16. Pink & White Wedding
    Pink & White Wedding
  17. White Rose Wedding
    White Rose Wedding
  18. White Rose Wedding #2
    White Rose Wedding #2
Pricing of all cakes varies depends on size, time needed to create and detail involved in your creation.

Please contact us to discuss your Wedding Cake requirements.